First time in World

Chakra therapy through Herbs

There are mainly 7 Chakras in our body. In brief chakras are the energy centers of body. They should be balance, align and activate for physical, mental and spiritual health. First time in world we are introducing the technique of balancing chakra through herbs.

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Aamod Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

The goal of Aamod is to create a platform through which we can bring together all the valued people whose health science is available with certification and we have full faith that through the blessings and guidance of all of them, will be able to spread this science to everyone in the world.

We believe with full confidence that "India is fully competent to honor the world master again.

Swami Muktanand Ji

Swami Muktanand ji can be rightly called a Pioneer in Herb based Chakra Therapy. All his medicines / supplements are combinations of Herbs, based on Chakra Therapy. These can be compared to herbal power shots used by our ancient saints, yogis and ascetics to keep their body healthy and activate their inner spiritual powers

Through Chakra Therapy mankind can be relieved of all mental and physical ailments (Chakra therapy se manavta ko sabhi sharirik evam mansik rogon se mukti milti hai’)– Swami Muktanand Maharaj.

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Based on 3rd Chakra

Naabhi Chakra

For Strong Immune System, Detoxification
and Healthy Naabhi Chakra

990/- Rs.

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Based on 4th and 7th Chakra

Pressure Nill

To Relieve depression,
Stress and Tension

800/- Rs.

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