Based on 3rd Chakra

Naabhi Chakra

Primarily, there are 7 chakras in our body. Each of our organs is correlated to one or the other Chakra and receives energy. Every chakra is important but we begin Chakra therapy with our 3rd Chakra i.e. "Naabhi Chakra ". We know "Naabhi Chakra " by various names like Sun Chakra, Navel Chakra, Manipur Chakra, Naap, Pichuti or Dharan etc.
For the first time in the world, we are introducing a revolutionary medicine to you which is based on such a principle which is not directly mentioned in Ayurveda ... but knowledgeable people of Ayurveda know and even have faith in it.

It is impossible for us to stay healthy and sustain our health for long because:

  • Navel is the center of our body.
  • Our growth begins from our navel.
  • According to Ayurveda, even the point of origin of our approximate 72,864 nerves is navel.
  • The control and distribution of all the energy running in our body is done by our navel only.
  • From spiritual point of view, the navel is the place of our third 3rd chakra "Naabhi Chakra" and the cognizant people associated with spirituality, yoga, natural therapy and astrology along with Ayurveda also know its worthwhileness very well.

Displacement of Naabhi Chakra also leads to dis-balancing of our body which we can track through some popular methods. To learn those methods you can contact us or can learn yourself through video.
When navel gets displaced, we get many types of symptoms in the form of early disease but we are unable to trace them in the absence of knowledge and awareness and keep on focusing on the treatment of symptoms instead of the root cause of the disease.

Some of the symptoms are as follows:
  1. Not having proper bowel movement in one attempt in the morning.
  2. Lack of sleep or running of uncontrolled thoughts in the brain.
  3. Formation of 'gas' and 'acid' in stomach after meal.
  4. Having causeless pain in hands-legs and waist etc.
  5. Feeling fatigue and lack of energy in the body.
  6. Not able to concentrate while working, irritation.
  7. Lack of concentration.
  8. Loss of appetite or extraordinary hunger.
  9. Being fat or unable to lose weight in spite of many attempts or rapid weight gain after losing it once.
  10. Becoming sick again and again without reason.
  11. Being in anxiety or stress without any reason.
  12. Getting normal test reports and being confused in diagnosing the disease.
  13. Even after using precise drugs/medicines, not getting relief in the disease.
  14. Occurrence of same problem (disease) repeatedly after getting relief once.
  15. Occurring other diseases while treating one disease.
  16. Or any other symptoms that you feel different from normal.

In order to organize and maintain this centre of our energy, we know some popular methods like:
  1. By Massage
  2. By jerk “jhatka”
  3. By lota-diya
  4. Vacuum pump
  5. By tying black thread in toe etc.

But arranging the navel back on its position only by medicines has been an imagination for the physicians till the date.

We are proud that, for the first time in the world, we are presenting "Nabhi Chakra" as a medicine by Swami Muktananda ji through the resurgence of ancient science provided by our sages. Nabhi Chakra medicine is certified by Ayush Ministry of Health, Government of India and is being prepared on the basis of the high international standards.
It is such a wonderful and effective medicine that balances, aligns and activates our navel (Nabhi chakra) in just 10 minutes. You can also confirm the output of medicine through any of the prevailing methods of checking the navel.

Herbs Used in Nabhi Chakra Medicine:

  1. Swetia Chiratia (Chirayta Panchang)
  2. Nardostachys Jatamansi (Jatamansi)
  3. Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha)
  4. Picrorhiza Kurroa (Kutki)
  5. Alum (Sfatika Bhasma)