Pioneer in
Herb based Chakra Therapy

Swami Muktananad Ji

        Affectionately known as ‘Naabhi Chakra Guru’, Swami Muktanand Maharaj was born in Vrindavan on 30th December 1960.
        Swamiji’s mother, Smt. Subhadra Devi was a Vaidya and he, at a very early age, learnt the intricacies of Ayurveda from her. She was pleasantly surprised at his innate ability in grasping complex Ayurvedic concepts with awe-inspiring ease.
        Swamiji had the good fortune of meeting his Guru, Sri Aghoranandji, at the banks of River Yamuna during Ardhkumbhi. At the time he was 14 years old. Aghoranandji, a great Sage endowed with divine transcendental powers, took him directly under his wing. He helped unlocked his hidden potential and understand the purpose of his life. He instructed Swamiji to work for the ailing humanity and devote his life in ridding mankind of the suffering caused due to illness.
        Once Swamiji’s mother mentioned to him that the root cause of all illnesses is the Naabhi Chakra. If there could be a way to fix the Naabhi Chakra, then 99% of ailments would not occur. (In Ayurveda Shastra, Naabhi Chakra is given due importance and Ayurvedic practitioners understand the minutiae associated with it.) This inspired Swamiji to discover a way to fix the Naabhi Chakra. He sat in meditation and through communion with his Guru, received a Mantra to align the Chakra. Endowed with this Mantra, Swamiji, worked tirelessly to help all those who would approach him. He however felt sad for those he couldn’t reach out to. People were suffering out of ignorance, spending huge amounts on costly medicines and surgeries, often going bankrupt spending their live savings in order to cure their illness. He had realized that simply fixing the Naabhi Chakra would prevent so many of their mental and physical problems.
        He sat in meditation again and his Guru bestowed upon him another Mantra to please the Divine Mother. After two years of intense Sadhna and research, he developed the formula for the ‘Naabhi Chakra Tablet’, the only medicine in the world to align the displaced Naabhi Chakra in the body. This was a ground breaking discovery in the field of Ayurveda.
        Since then there has been no looking back. Swamiji founded ‘Intuition Herbals India’ in 2010 and has added several more chakra therapy based medicines to the list - ‘Pressure-Nill’, for regulating both high and low blood pressure, tension, depression and stress, ‘Prostato’, for a healthy and normal prostate gland and ‘MadhumehNashta, for healthy pancreas.
        Swami Muktanand Maharaj can be rightly called a Pioneer in Herb based Chakra Therapy. All his medicines / supplements are combinations of Herbs, based on Chakra Therapy. These were used by our ancient saints, yogis and ascetics to cleanse their chakras and activate their inner spiritual powers.
        Swamiji has recently entered Vanaprastha Ashram with the solemn sankalpa to free mankind of the sufferings of disease. He wishes to establish ANAND DHAM - Gold Age Homes for the elderly, chronic disease patients and social workers, and Energy Healing Centre, in Uttrakhand on the banks of the Holy Yamuna to fulfil this sublime mission. He also teaches ‘Anand Yog’, a simple but powerful meditation technique to cleanse chakras and increase life force.

Chakra therapy se manavta ko sabhi sharirik evam mansik rogon se mukti milti hai – Swami Muktanand Maharaj

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